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Woodhill Gin is more than a classic London Dry Gin; it is a careful balance of traditions, modern craftsmanship and a no-nonsense approach with the exotic and exclusive in a unique interplay, creating a premium spirit.

The perfect Gin & Tonic

A Gin & Tonic is no better than the gin you use. Of course, it also depends on the tonic and garnish you use. Here is our take on a perfect Gin & Tonic

gin og tonic med woodhill gin | Woodhill Gin

Woodhill Gin makes a refreshingly distinct gin and tonic.

  • 1 part Woodhill Gin
  • 2-3 parts good-quality tonic water
  • A sprig of fresh mint
  • Dried juniper berries
  • Lavender bud
  • Ice cubes

Pour Woodhill Gin over ice cubes and pair the gin with your favourite tonic water. When adding tonic water, start modestly and build up. A 2:1 ratio is a good place to start.

Add a sprig of mint together with two dried juniper berries, and garnish with a fresh lavender bud on top.

Take a sip (or two), smile and relax …

Become an expert in gin

A gins tasting can make you and your friends much wiser in the vast universe that gin is.


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