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Woodhill Navy Strength Gin

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Woodhill Navy Strenght Gin

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This Gin is more than a classic Navy. In Navy gins there is a clear connection between taste and alcohol. The stronger the gin, the stronger the alcohol tastes, and the more the oils from the different botanicals taste. In the Woodhills Navy, lots of flavor is retained without overdoing the alcohol.

Woodhill Navy Strength Gin is produced using the same natural ingredients as Woodhill Dry Gin, including juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, orrisrod, lavender, asparagus, red peppercorns, lemongrass and rose buds that add flavor and flavor to a well-balanced gin.

Together, they create complex layers of citrus notes and peppers that balance the intensity of the juniper, while a touch of lavender and asparagus provides the rich and elegant undertones that create the characteristic gin.

50 cl
Alcohol 57,1%


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